Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mayor's Charged Assaulter Sends E Mail Story to Toronto Star?

Open Letter to Toronto Mayor's Alleged Assaulter's Lawyer, Law Society and Toronto Star. 

For your client to send an email to the media via the Toronto Star as reported by one Carys Mills an employee of the Star is itself far more inappropriate and unfortunate than any comments alleged by yourself to have been utter by the Mayor concerning your clients alleged and independently witnessed assault against the Mayor of Toronto. 

It is my opinion  that your client's side of any story relating to her being charged with assault has one place only to be heard and that is in the courts and not through the media and I am sure that the law society would overwhelmingly agree.

Therefore as a lawyer and member of the law society you must be fully cognizant of the fact that it is not the Mayor, the media or any other citizen that allows Ms. Everett to have her day and yours in the court in front of a judge to plead her story or case.

It has already been widely publicized in the media and not the courts that your client is allegedly a creative and very intelligent person, according to one Jesse LaFleur himself an alleged former high school acquaintance. 

One would conclude that in our civil society, whether your client has never been involved with the police prior to this charge as reported by the media, a supposedly educated, intelligent or level headed individual would not find herself or himself charged for assault against another human if they had full control of their faculties?

Finally this is all about your client’s credibility and perhaps those individuals who might have witnessed the alleged assault and NOT the victim who in this case apparently was the Mayor of Toronto.  

To quote Justice J..E. Scanlan, “guilt or innocence is NOT based on rumors, speculation or reputation. An accused is not tried in the media, courts or public opinion based on what he/she may have done before rather the evidence to the matter in issue”

In my humble opinion as a mere mortal, lately unprofessional conduct be it by lawyers, editorials, journalistic stories have unfortunately forgone any sense of professionalism and basic human decency. 

Perhaps it is because of their distinct motives based on their particular political ideologies and philosophies and to heck with the laws!

I am not sure but it sure seems that way of late.

Warmest regards,

Peter Clarke



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