Monday, June 24, 2013

Ontario’s Green Energy Plan 1,369 megawatts for $6 Billion

$1 Billion cost from Ontario taxpayers’ revenues over and above a $5 Billion Samsung investment producing 1,369 megawatts of green power down from 2,500 megawatts. At the consumer and taxpayer buyback energy cost of $6 Billion over 20 years and 900 green energy jobs protected only until 2016.
Recap, that now works out costing Ontario taxpayers $6.7 Million for every ONE new green energy job from the 900 jobs protected only unit 2016 created from this downsized Samsung investment of $5 Billion.
At a taxpayer cost of $6 Billion for 1,369 megawatts of green power down from 2,500 megawatts from $1 Billion tax revenue dollars to secure the Samsung reduced investment of $5 Billion from its' (Samsung's) original $7 Billion investment with the liberal political party government for an energy program as now propped up by unionized labour’s political party wing and movement the NDP!
$6.7 Million is the cost to taxpayers for every ONE job created by this liberal-NDP unelected coalition type of legislature through their acceptance of the downsized amended Samsung energy investment agreement as originally reported by Antonella Artartuse, Queens Park Bureau Chief for Sun Media Corporation.        
For Ontarians this is simply yet one more scandal and continuing waste of taxpayer’s money thanks to the Ontario liberal political party's government that continues to be propped up by unionized labour movement and its political wing the NDP party!

Liberal party premier Kathleen Wynne and former liberal Premier McGuinty’s political energy deal with Samsung was going to create 16,000 new green energy jobs at taxpayer energy buy back cost of $9.7 Billion for an original investment of $7 Billion by Samsung!

Resulting in a $2.7 Billion taxpayer cost in securing a $7 Billion Samsung energy investment in Ontario for a possible 16,000 green energy jobs.

However as of today this $2.7 Billion, taxpayer funded investment cost, has resulted in only 641 jobs. (401 jobs at CS wind, 200 jobs at Siemens and 30 jobs SMA Solar as reported by Antonella Artuso, with thanks)

Now, Samsung’s reduced investment shall be $5 Billion for those originally proposed 900 green jobs with the taxpayers being on the hook for a reduced energy buyback cost of $6 Billion?

A $6 Billion taxpayer funded cost to secure a $5 Billion Samsung energy investment and 900 green energy jobs that are protected only until 2016? With the politically estimated possibility of some 9,000 temporary construction jobs reduced from the original estimate of 16,000!  

That works out now costing the taxpayers $6.7 Million for every ONE new green energy job from the 900 to be created by this downsized Samsung investment of $5 Billion at a taxpayer energy buyback cost of $6 Billion. With these 900 new green energy jobs to be protected only unit 2016

That is the jest of the liberal-NDP coalition energy plan that the liberals brag is “a good deal for ratepayers” and their NDP collation political partners defend as “obtaining significant gains for the public”?

You as informed taxpayers, voters and possible voters must decide!

Let’s recap so that we all readily understand just what this Ontario liberal-NDP coalition political party government movement has decided!

Now 900 green energy jobs shall cost $6 Billion to taxpayers in energy buyback costs over the next twenty years for a downsized Samsung investment of $5 Billion as a green energy investment in Ontario with the possibility of perhaps 9,000 temporary green energy jobs!

Thus instead of the political possibility of 16,000 green energy jobs at a taxpayer cost of $9.7 Billion (green energy buybacks) the liberal-NDP coalition political party government has decided that the original 900 green energy jobs shall now cost $6 Billion (energy buyback costs) over the next twenty years from Samsung for Samsung's $5 Billion downsized investment in Ontario for the political temporary green jobs estimated to now possibly only 9,000 down from the original 16,000?

In other words $6.7 Million taxpayers’ fork out for every ONE green energy job out of the total 900 jobs!  

This Ontario liberal-NDP coalition political party government movement continues to lack accountability, transparency, and ethics along with any moral right to continue governing.
Considering all current and past scandals and mismanagement coupled with the current lack of meaningful legislative oversight, in my opinion. 

Further this latest factual news item was NOT front page news for the Toronto Star but rather in the business section.

Unfortunately the Toronto Star and other media outlets, in my opinion, shamelessly are continuing with their attempt to conjured up stories related solely too an unverified phantom video based on rumors, hearsay and non judicial opinions about Mayor Ford or his brother as a Cortina de Humo.

As their editorial board continues to front page what if scenarios about Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford in their endless attempts to divert attention away from the scandalous mismanagement that continues to go unabated at Queens Park with rumors, gossip and hearsay stories about Mayor Ford as relentlessly conjured up by anonymous sources! 

At least the Mayor of Toronto and his administration have attempted to hold the line on expenses at city hall and eliminate the $60 car tax and have not squandered $ 3 to $ 4 Billion dollars of taxpayer funds while increasing provincial spending by another $3.7 Billion through a $1.9 Billion one year increase in Ontario taxpayers debt in addition to their $24 Billion increase in total taxpayer debt that now has brought Ontario’s total debt (taxpayers) to $281 Billion!

Hopefully voters now realize the obvious that it is not the Mayor of Toronto who needs to resign or take a leave of absence but rather the leader of the Ontario liberal party and her NDP political cohort for continuing to waste BILLIONS of dollars annually collected from taxpayers for unsustainable and unaffordable programs based on the ideologies of collective liberalized socialism.

The media’s continued attempts at hoodwinking the voters through using Mayor Ford as a Cortina de Humo in my opinion shall fail.

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