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Syria's Revolutionary Civil War being Orchestrated and Propelled by Outside Interest?

With the civil war continuing to rage on in Syria the world has a situation similar as what happened in Libya and Egypt.

With the Arab Muslim spring uprisings and the revolutionary civil war uprisings in Libya and Egypt it has become increasingly clearer that two goals of such uprisings were to establish Sharia law by incorporating Islam as the state religion and to achieve financial control of the country’s oil resources or the country itself in the case of Egypt.

The ancient Arabic translation of Sharia law relates to a path to the water hole and considering today’s position could cause the route to the oil holes? 

Syria’s oil and gas reserves opposite to those of Egypt and Libya remains a top secret of its duly elected government and Islam is not currently the state religion.

Now Syria currently produces some 401,000 barrels of oil per day compared to the 662,600 (bbl/day) produced by Egypt and the 1.789 million (bbl/day) of oil produced by Libya

The so called Syrian opposition, is made up of armed forces deserters, Syrian exile members of the de facto groups like the SNC (Syrian national council), FSA (free Syrian army) and non Syrian fanatic extremists for a free Palestine along with the Muslim brotherhood for Sharia law and all are doing battle against the Assad regime and the Syrian people.

A fraudulent unelected group of individuals, mainly from foreign countries, who call themselves the Syrian National Council claiming to be the opposition forces for the protection of the unarmed citizens of Syria and its resources.  

For the record the creation of the SNC was publicly reported not from within Syria but from Istanbul Turkey. Its members are listed @

We should also be aware of other groups like the Syrian American Council and the Free Syrian Army which is made up of deserters from Syria’s armed forces. 

The world witnessed desertions from Syria’s armed forces on the basis of clan alignment and radical Islamic religious beliefs? 

When military personnel go AWOL and put on masks and commence massacring their former comrades in uniform they are committing treason against the same people they took an oath and swore to protect against such lawlessness and anarchy?

These deserters for their deception and treasonous acts are now subject to appropriate military rule for these traitorous actions and killings and must be held liable?

Under a banner of the SNC or FSA the opposition force, for the protection of the unarmed citizens of Syria and its resources as they previously stated, have been and continue to kill innocent woman, children, youth and the elderly all Syrian people?

Recent bombings in Damascus, that have the finger print tactics used by al- Qaeda, fundamentalist Sunni Muslim terrorists groups and others from throughout the region in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Jordan, by these heavily armed opposition forces comprised of rebels, insurgents, army deserters and terrorists can attest to the Syrian government’s claim that Syria is fighting Islamist militants steered from abroad!

How can Canada, the USA and other western powers support such radical extremists and fanatical religious non elected but self anointed individuals and armed forces deserters and terrorists who call themselves the opposition and then proceed to intentionally detonate 10 kilos of highly flammable explosives in the centre of Damascus next to a primary school, shops and a mosque?

The UN and elected governments acceptance of condoning such treasonous acts, committed by deserters from the Syrian government’s armed force, based on their opinion that the elected Syrian government has “lost their legitimacy” and that “the free Syrian army of deserters will work hand in hand with the people to bring the regime down, protect the revolution and the country’s resources” says it all.

I think that we in the west, along with the rest of the world, must start questioning statements issued from Syrian exiles in France, Turkey, the
United States, Canada and throughout the Middle East and Africa

It remains my position that this civil war in Syria is definitely under the domestic jurisdiction of the state of Syria and as such it is time that France, Turkey, USA, Britain, Canada, Libya, Egypt, Iran, the displaced Palestine's fighters and all others to butt out of the internal domestic affairs of Syria and stop their attempts at legitimizing the SNC as the official opposition of the Republic of Syria.

If the elected Syrian regime is doomed then the Republic of Syria along with its' constitution and all legal citizens of Syria shall once again be controlled and governed through outsiders and outside interests. The establishment of Sharia law most likely would then follow in my humble opinion as the world is witnessing throughout the Middle East after the so called Arab spring uprisings!  

What kind of religion asks or demands that you blow yourself up to kill others from another tribe of the same religion in the name of a revolution, uprising for political power or God and Allah?

Syrian opposition and rebels an unelected de fact group, dominated by al-Qaida, jihadists, funded by Qatar, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, and Saudi Arabia, who commit an equal number of war crimes and atrocities against the Syrian citizens as the current duly elected Assad regime.

The Obama administration and the American government now want to arm these tribal sectarian fighters    

Latest Canadian position

No arms for Syrian rebels, Canadian government states.

Up Dates:

Geneva 2: Not Much Hope for Peace in Syria Author / Source / Date: 
Prabir Purkayastha, June 1, 2013

Islamists auction off cars to buy Syrian rebels heat-seeking missiles-Toronto Star

Public documents from BBCUK news, United Nations, Toronto Sun, and numerous media outlets, web sites, thanks to all.

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