Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Candidates Pledge that Ontario Voters Require.

A pledge voters need to see from candidates in these by elections and ALL elections: 

1. That he/she shall fulfill the entire term of office voters elect them for. 

2. Independent candidates who put the interests of voters ahead of party politics. 

3. Independent candidates with the fortitude to tackle controversial issues through a human connection with the voters support.  

4. A voice for the people NOT a puppet vote for a political party. 

5. The candidates passionate that work, education and integrity in seeking our votes to represent us in elected public service must ensure their commitment as a candidate for TRANSPARENCY, FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY. 

No longer can we afford the luxury of complacency by allowing unelected individuals to occupy the chairs of decision making.

Our right to vote is another democratic obligation people within a civil society have and has been taken for granted for far too long.

It should be a mandatory requirement, like jury duty, compulsory schooling, driver’s licenses and paying taxes.


Peter Clarke


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