Monday, July 29, 2013

Toronto a Sanctuary for Violent Youth and Huggers of Law Breakers?

Wait a minute here. First off, this young man contrary to what his friends have said obviously had not at all adjusted well to living in Canada or the Canadian way of life.

What he did was unacceptable. He broke the laws of the country he came to reside in, when he first exposed himself on public transit, then provoked a situation, put innocent transit riders at risk and in harms way by brandishing a knife demanding that they get off the streetcar in the middle of the night.

In my humble opinion such actions are not those of a person who is flourishing in Canada

Many question have to be answered starting with the reason why he left his job and for what reasons, why he moved out of his fathers residence and who had he been with just prior to his illegal actions of hijacking a public transit vehicle?

Also was this TTC streetcar driver the same person who Mr. Yatim junior previous had confrontation and attitude problem with?

A scrawny 110 ten pounds of sweet, very loving kind hearted and well adjusted guy in a civil society does not go around exposing himself, brandishing knife or gun and hijacking public transit vehicles and demanding everyone get off and then further start taunting and calling police officers f... ing pussies

Are these the actions of a law abiding well adjusted teenager with the respect for the rights of others and authority as learned or was taught by his youthful friends and family?

Now after the fact,  why are some of these previous passengers claiming, after the fact that they were in no immediate danger or threatened by this drug high knife provoking passenger?

As they now claim no perception of threat, so why then did they not group together and disarm this skinny kid as opposed to fleeing the streetcar and leaving it to the police who did not run yet perceived a threat of self-defense and thus demanded that he drop the weapon and not move towards them or he would be shot?

As tragic as it was this young man was obviously high on marijuana or other illegal drugs and decided to end his life with the assistance of the officers, in my humble opinion.

The bottom line in any confrontation with police is NOT to refuse an order to drop any weapon that one is obviously holding be it a knife, bat, scissors or gun.

Unless one wishes to commit suicide!


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  1. No disagreement peter. What is at question here is the degree of force that was used. With all due respect, overkill is not meant to be a play on words. Kill him and then taser him? It speaks perhaps to lack of training, competence and even how the police are equipped with what weapons to subdue and not to kill.
    Obviously the boy was decompensating in some fashion and needed help, not killing.


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