Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mayor Ford’s Political Administration of Fiscal Prudence and Transparency

Despite his personal problems along with constantly being held under a microscope by the media and his political challengers at City Hall and on council his administrations fiscal prudence for his four year term as Mayor has kept Toronto's operating budget increases $400 MILLION over four years and held tax increase for residents to 7.2% from 2011 to 2014! 

A historic achievement on behalf of Toronto property taxpayers!

Especially when compared to the 14.45% tax increases for residential property by the previous Mayoralty administration's last fours 2010 to 2007!

Mayor Ford's administration's averaged property tax increase over four years comes in at 1.8% compared to the previous administration' four year average of 3.61% and 26.45% full term. 

Inflation for the Miller administration's full term was 12.7% and the inflation for the current administration's four year term is 6.5%. (1.2% projected for 2014)

It should be obvious to Toronto taxpayers that the Mayor's personal problems, as uncomfortable as they are, have had NO effect on his political agenda of keeping tax increases low and in line with inflation. 

A promise his Mayoralty predecessor made to Toronto residents yet failed to delivery and did not keep. 

With Mayor Ford's administration the taxpayers of Toronto are getting the best financial tax deal they have had since amalgamation and it can still be greatly improved for our community of one Toronto if his colleagues on council would stop their parochialism's, political filibustering and backstabbing because with the exception of the Mayor, Councillors do not accept the fact that they represent Toronto as one city community!

Metro council over a century and a half (16 years) after amalgamation continues to be a completely dysfunctional council with 44 members plus a Mayor (two per ward, compared to one MP and one MPP for the same Toronto geographic area). Twice as many career politicians as it should or is required!

Mayor Ford was elected directly by 383,501 voters and the previous mayor was elected by 332,969.  

The former Mayor Miller administration’s operating budgets were as follows: 2010 $ 9.2 Billion, 2009 $ 8.7, 2008 $ 8.2, 2007 $7.8, 2006 $ 7.6, 2005 $7.1 and 2004 $ 6.6 Billion.

The current elected Mayor Ford's administration’s operating budgets are as follows:  2011 $ 9.383 Billion, 2012 $ 9.400, 2013 $ 10.858 and 2014 $ 9.600 Billion.

Then on the other hand of the provincial political spectrum at Queens Park under the administration of the provincial liberal party and its leader Kathleen Wynne, elected as party leader by 1,150 liberal delegates. 

Recently introduced her liberal party’s budget for Ontario that had $1.9 BILLION 1 year increase in DEBT and Spending from the current debt of $9.8 Billion to $11.7 Billion in 2014!
With spending increasing by $3.7 BILLION from the current $124 Billion projected to $127.6 in just one year!
In addition to a $24 Billion increase in total DEBT that brings Ontario's total debt to $281 Billion which is $3 Billion above above their last projection! 
Not a prudent  budget rather a classic breach of fiduciary duty and due diligence that continues to set aside any semblance of the obligation by this liberal political party’s government to act honestly, in good faith and in the best interest of citizens, in my humble opinion!
Yet Torontonians are obsessed with the personal problems of Mayor Ford while his administration at the same time has prudently managed to keep Toronto’s operating budget balanced as mandated by legislation and over four years as held residential property tax increase to 7.2% for his entire term of four years and increased the operating budgets by $400 Million over the same four years!
An historic achievement for the taxpayers of Toronto by this politically prudent and transparent Mayor Ford and his administration regardless of his unfortunate personal problems.
Have we become anarchists and forgotten that all of us are created equal and all are equally imperfect as we still have unequal laws and taxes created by unjust people, peter CLARKE 2010!

Because the Star and Royson James make statements and claims to contradict both Pennachetti and Rossinni along with the Mayor does not make them factual or true. You be the judge!

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