Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Are provincial governments with their political party politics really necessary?

Perhaps another idea rather than the entry of the divisiveness of partisan party politics at the municipal level would be to move in another direction completely.

And consider eliminating provincial governments and have the federal government take over education, healthcare, and other public welfare benefits and goods that citizens consider to be entitlements from birth to grave.

With the administrative duties transferred to the municipal levels of government which would further reduce repetative representative and political overlap and the never ending divisiveness of party politics. 

Provincial taxes could be eliminated and replaced with slightly increased federal tax rates with the added efficiency of removing the provincial level of government and if handled correctly would translate into an overall savings for taxpayers.

Provinces already exist financially because of our current system of transfer payments from the federal government paying for the greatest portion of education, healthcare, debt payments, and other entitlement programs, as our federal government largely gets to set the mandate under which they are delivered anyway, no matter what provincial leaders advocate, on the behalf of their citizens, ultimately the national interest usually gets the final say.

Political food for thought!

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