Friday, January 9, 2015

One of the Problems for All Civilized Societies Today is...........

The barbaric jihadist criminal interpretation of Islam by self professed extremist radical Imams!

The number one problem that must be confronted openly, decisively and rapidly by all civilized societies around the globe has become abundantly clear.

It is the barbaric jihadist criminality and their interpretation of Islam. These Muslim misfits and thugs are the number one problem that must be confronted openly, decisively and rapidly by all civilized societies around the globe. 

There cowardly and barbaric assassinations, be-headings, suicide bombings of men, women and children around the world represent is clear cut assault on individual freedoms of choice, thought, speech and religious tolerances within democratic civil societies.

The barbaric assassination of 12 individuals recently in Paris that included two Muslims, one a policeman and the other a cartoonist, highlights to all civilized societies and peaceful religions the absurdity and contradictions of Islam as interpreted by these barbaric criminal Muslim jihadists and their propagandized interpretation of Islam that represents and call for the oppression and collective totalitarianism of all free peoples and civilized societies throughout the world. 

A sleeping world has been awakened, by the barbaric radical criminal jihadist gunmen in Paris, to the fact that fascist radical Imams and their followers are against the most fundamental freedoms of all democratic and civilizes societies, the freedoms of right to life, liberty, security of person, free speech, choice and religious believes without persecution.

These self professed spiritual Imam leaders of these barbaric radical jihads are just as radical and barbaric as their jihads criminal killers of men women and children as they are the ones who daily propagandize their own warped and criminal interpretation of Islam and preach hatred toward all civil societies and call for supporting killings and terror against men, women and children.

Such extremist radical Imams ignore the basic penal laws of Islam and criminally misinterpret the writings of Islam.

Who is monitoring these radical Imams in North America, Europe and the Middle East?

As the vast majority of the so called moderate Muslims who daily attend mosque are closing their eyes and not dealing with these imams and the radicalization happening right in front of them on a daily basis. It is not enough that these so called moderate Muslims express regret and while complaining about racial profiling by law enforcement.

Why it is that law enforcement is barred from investigating in mosques in order to prevent this radicalization before it goes too far?

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