Friday, February 20, 2015

Sanctions a Cowards Declaration of War and Insincere Approach to Diplomacy

Should the USA supply arms to the Ukraine government in addition to sanctions already applied against Russia, which is itself a form of a declaration of war, could lead not only Europe but the US itself into a nuclear WW3.

The U.S. has imposed sanctions, unilaterally or with other nations, far more frequently than any other nation in the world, or any multinational body in the world, including the United Nations.

Economic sanctions violate Just War principles and do not affect a country's military power but rather directly affect a nations citizens.

Sanctions do NOT protect the innocent life of civilians or preserve conditions necessary for decent human existence and definitely do not secure the basic human rights of a nations people.

Further on the basis of proportionality the damage inflicted by sanctions is far greater to the populace of a nation than questionable offenses being avenged . And in no way do sanctions present any probability of success when the outcome of sanctions not being known shall be futile.

The EU by joining following the Americas and British sanctions against Russia have in effect declared an economic war against Russia.

Sanctions as a means of peacekeeping and international governance, effectively escape ethical analysis as we do not judge them by the same standards we judge other kinds of harm done to innocents.

Yet, concretely, the hunger, sickness, and poverty which are ostensibly inflicted for benign purposes affect individuals no differently than hunger, sickness, and poverty inflicted out of malevolence.

Using or describing sanctions as a means of "peacekeeping" or "enforcing human rights" is an ideological move, which, from the perspective of concrete national experiences throughout history, is simply counter factual.

Sanctions are, at bottom, a bureaucratized, internationally organized form of siege warfare, and should be seen, and judged, as such.

The EU and indeed the Americans perhaps have awakened the Russian sleeping bear and the world not just Europe this time is in grave danger of an all out nuclear war, thanks to sanctions and the arming of Ukraine with USA weapons.

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