Monday, September 5, 2016

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Today's politician and political parties are more corrupt than the citizens from the biblical city of Babylon days. (

We the people have allowed ourselves to be governed Not by “the people for the people”, rather by political parties for political parties for Corporations, Bankers and Unions.

Our governments have become corrupt with absolute power by controlling the appointments of supreme court judges through the political party in power at the time such appointment are made solely based on political preference for the expedience of a political ideology of the political party in power at the time of such appointment. 

They (Political Parties) further control who their people puppets shall be as their party's mouthpiece to be put forward for a political party for the voters to elect to represent them, NOT the voter, Rather the various political party these party agents truly represent and seek office under.

Global trade agreements do not benefit the middle class or poor within countries rather the political elite and their money backers’; international corporations; bankers; labour unions and political party leaders.

Do not believe me? Then look at the facts over the past 30 or 50 year. What affects the cost of homes for example. Simply put it’s PLR. Products, Labour and Regulations. 

Products of course representing material, labour basically wages and regulations government building and fire codes etc. 

With all these regulations by government the peoples (purchasers) cost for insurance has Not decreased, rather greatly increased. Multinational insurance companies of course control those costs. 

Products also for the most part are now under the control of large international corporations while labour costs are controlled by, you guessed it, international unions.

In Toronto for example the average house cost in 1985 was $109,094. The median family income at that time was $31,965.(

Representing a 3.4 times income in 1985. Today the Toronto median family income is $68,110 as per  Statistics Canada with the average house price in May 2016 within Toronto for all homes was $782,051 as per TREB.(

Today in 2016 this represents a 11.48 times income. Keep in mind that the family median income in 1985 adjusted for inflation today represents $65,091 or 12.01 times that 1985 income adjusted for today. Thus a family’s median income since 1985 has in fact DECREASED by $3,019.

So much for free trade, political parties and your elected party puppets looking after the interest of you the voter for these past 30 plus years!

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