Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Political Parties an Asset or a Ruse to Democracy and Elections?

Less than one ( 1%) of the provinces eligible voters or the population of Ontario is a member of one of the three major Ontario political parties.

Having less than 1% of eligible voters or our population, just who, do these Political Parties truly and honestly represent?

Keep in mind that their primary goal is to gain power for the party NOT the voter who elects the candidates running under a political party banner, be it NDP, Liberal or Conservative!

Because as it presently stands these power-hungry political astute  members of  a political party who represent less than 1% of Ontario’s population or eligible voters remain under a self-serving belief and the illusion of power that in a true and transparent democracy they would not be entitled.

Our apathy and lack of civic duty and responsibility for voting and participating in Ontario elections has allowed these various political parties to assert their personal political believes, that their political party knows what is the collective best for the majority of Ontarians when it comes to setting not only their respective political party’s agenda but one for the 99% of citizens within the entire province!
We the 99% of Ontario’s society who are not members of a political party best immediately start asking and investigating who these politically elite individuals, special interest groups and unions are that continually seek political power for their respective political parties at our expense and taxes.

Ontario has a population of 12,851, 821 Million as per the 2010 census and roughly 8,981,537 Million eligible voters. 

Yet the liberal party of Ontario has 30,000 members which represent less than 1% of the people or our eligible voters. (.002%)!

The NDP has an unconfirmed and estimated Ontario membership of 23,908 members yet only 11,500 actually voted for the political leadership of the party!

The percentage of Ontarians who picked the NDP leader was less than 1% of the population and the membership of the party (.00089% and .0018%)!             !

Ontario Conservative party membership consists of approximately 43,000 Ontario residents which also translates to less than 1% of either eligible voters or Ontario’s population figures.

When compared to the total population of Ontario, do these members of any political party honestly represent a realistic percentage of the population when in  honesty they seek elected office not for the voters but rather the political power of and for their respective political party?

Elections Ontario has 21 registered political parties, 8 reserved political party names and a further just under 300 requests to register the name of a new political party.

Finally in Canada and Ontario, with the one exception being British Columbia, there is no legislation under Ontario or Canadian privacy laws covering political parties or under a provincial personal information protection Act.

Why is their no legislative jurisdiction over political parties under Canadians or Ontario privacy laws? Should there be?

Why are such party membership list only available to MPP’s and NOT the public, when such lists are gathered to accommodate democracy at election time so that those seeking elected office can openly solicit contributions, recruit members or votes and nothing more?

Why is it that in Canada the province of British Columbia is the only province that has legislation covering political parties under a provincial personal information protection Act? 

Are political parties just a ruse and deterrent to democracy and realistically or transparently not a true asset to democracy because in reality, all they do is a self-promoting of power for the political party and not the people?   

Up date http://ca.news.yahoo.com/cyprus-parliament-vote-savings-levy-000315775--business.html

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  1. In response to the few who have indicated to me that they do not dare to give their opinion or talk about politics and religion, let me respond this way.

    I thank everyone for their comments but I am not one for political correctness nor worry that my rights of freedom of expression or speech carry a significant cost when those who preceded me gave the ultimate cost of their life for you and I to have and use that freedom.

    We live in a society absolutely dependent on government and yet have cleverly arranged things so that almost no one understands governments and that my friends, is a clear prescription for disaster.

    Warmest personal regards,



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